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Credit report balance

If you order credit reports on Business Credit Report Online on a regular basis, the easiest way to do so is via a credit report balance. As well as saving you time (only one invoice), this also saves you money (high discounts).

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  • Extra discount up to 30%
  • No separate invoice and payment for each order
  • A clear overview of your balance
  • Balance has no use-by date

Credit check through a credit report

You can check a company’s creditworthiness by means of our credit report. This can prevent many problems. Non-payment is often one of the reasons why companies face financial difficulties. Prevent non-payment by customers and suppliers and request a credit report straight away.

You can obtain our credit report for as little as $12.95 (US) , without being tied to a contract. It is easy to order individual credit reports from us online.

You only pay for the credit reports you purchased. Obviously, you can do so using a credit report balance. You can buy a credit report balance through your account. In this way, it is easy to carry out a credit check of the company with which you are doing business or intend to do business. Our credit reports show you all the important information you need at a glance.

Credit check worldwide

Business Credit Report Online has a comprehensive country database network that helps us screen a company’s creditworthiness by performing a credit check. Prevent surprises and let us screen the company by means of our credit check. We will send your credit report to your mailbox within five minutes.

What is a credit report?

A credit report is a report that provides insight into your business partner’s creditworthiness. A credit report is put together from various sources and presents a credit score (creditworthiness of the company concerned). This is the amount in euros for which the company is creditworthy. In addition, a credit report provides insight into your business partner’s payment record and financial figures. We buy this information in real time at the very moment when the credit check is requested on Business Credit Report Online. We subsequently email you the creditworthiness information within five minutes, clearly laid out in our own credit report.

Get to know your business contacts by means of a credit check

Get to know your business contacts properly before you do business. The credit reports will help you decide with which business contacts you want to do business, and on what terms.

Prevent non-payment

Find out more about the creditworthiness of your customers, their payment record and the credit limit recommended for your business contacts. Our credit reports will prevent surprises.

Monitor the continuity of your organization

By first performing a credit check, you will always make well-considered choices in respect of your business contacts. This is the smart way of doing business, and will make it easier to strike up a dialog if our credit report confirms your doubts.

Easy procedure for requesting a credit check

Performing a credit check was never easier. As Business Credit Report Online does not work with contracts, you can request a credit report straight away for only $12.95 per report.

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Fernando Bridges

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