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About us

About us

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Business Credit Report Online is credit report web shop associated with Samrate B.V. and provides credit information on companies and persons 24/7. We deliver hundreds of credit reports a day online, on a per-item basis, straight to your account and mailbox. We purchase credit reports in bulk, which means that we can offer them to you at a very low price, of only $12.95 per report.

Samrate’s mission is: every legitimate invoice should be paid within 30 days.

Business Credit Report Online helps achieve this mission in that each business credit report ordered via our credit report web shop is published on Samrate. Curious? You can view all published credit reports on www.samrate.com.

Help us realize our mission by ordering your credit reports on Business Credit Report Online. Your order will provide other companies with information, thus enabling them to make better choices.

Incidentally, did you know that only 600,000 companies in the United States purchase credit information? All other companies base their decision purely on what they can find on Google. This means that fraudsters still have a free rein.

“My key priority is to protect entrepreneurs against fraudsters who deliberately order goods without any intention of ever paying for them.”


The Dutch parent company of Business Credit Report Online was formed in 2014, after Franck Antonides, an entrepreneur in the employment agency sector, failed to receive his money for the umpteenth time. Franck decided to find out how large successful companies design their accounts receivable policy. An important part of this policy is the credit check by means of a credit report. Franck then adopted the same policy at his own business, as well as offering this service to all other companies in the United States. Since then, he has had few to no problems with defaulting debtors and his company has gone from strength to strength.

Although the employment agency sector remains his first love, Franck is still active within Samrate on a daily basis.

Franck’s tip therefore is always to check first whether a new customer or supplier is actually creditworthy before doing business with them.


We can do this by collaborating only with the best credit information provider in the world. This company can screen any company anywhere in the world. To this end, it annually collects millions of Chamber of Commerce details, financial statements and companies’ payment experiences in order to analyze payment practices. Each day, thousands of up-to-date payment experiences are added to the database.

Always up-to-date

As soon as you have ordered a credit report on Business Credit Report Online, we procure that credit report for you from our supplier. We do not therefore prepare the credit report ourselves, but forward that credit report to you 1 on 1. This means that you will always receive a reliable and up-to-date credit report. Obviously, we only work with reliable credit information.


We want what is best for you as the customer and are happy to provide support. This is why we work with credit report balances, and offer the best credit report in the United States on a per-item basis for the lowest price. In this way, you as the customer will not be tied to us through a contract and will not be bound by terms and conditions. This is an ideal situation both for companies requesting many credit reports and for companies needing a credit report only occasionally. Via this website, you will immediately receive a high-quality report in your mailbox from only $12.95 per credit report.

In this way, credit information has become available to all companies. It helps you gain a proper understanding of your business contacts before you do business with them.

If you have any questions or comments with regard to our credit report service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Edward Flannery
Edward Flannery

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