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Business credit report worldwide

Business credit report worldwide


    Bonitätsprüfung Unternehmen weltweit

    This business credit report (worldwide) from Business Credit Report Online is a good way of checking a foreign company’s creditworthiness. Our credit report includes a credit recommendation, so that you know up to what amount the company is considered to be creditworthy.

    Please note: the credit report contains detailed credit information only with regard to the countries listed below. For all other countries, the credit report includes only the credit recommendation. This is all the information released by our supplier.


    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • Ireland
    • The Netherlands
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    The data in this credit report is provided in real time by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) (Recommended for orders up to $35,000) More information

    Credit report balance

    If you order credit reports on Business Credit Report Online on a regular basis, the easiest way to do so is via a credit report balance. As well as saving you time (only one invoice), this also saves you money (high discounts).

    More information


    • Extra discount up to 30%
    • No separate invoice and payment for each order
    • A clear overview of your balance
    • Balance has no use-by date

    Benefits of business credit report worldwide

    This business credit report worldwide from Business Credit Report Online offers the following benefits:

    • Rapid insight into creditworthiness
    • Based on more than 10,000 sources
    • Clear credit score
    • Most reliable data

    Elements of business credit report worldwide

    The business credit reports worldwide from Business Credit Report Online comprise the following elements:

    • General company details
    • Location photo and map
    • Bankruptcies and insolvencies (if available)
    • VAT number check (if available)
    • Risk rating
    • Payment history (if available)
    • Credit recommendation
    • Holding company / shareholders (if available)

    Additional information

    Business Credit Report Online has direct access to the up-to-date databases of our suppliers (credit reference agencies). We purchase the credit report you are ordering in real time and provide the credit report immediately by email and in your account via our credit report web service. We do not alter any data and only add our logo to the credit report. Whereas credit reference agencies have based their revenue model on a contract model, we sell our credit reports on a per-item basis. This means that all our credit reports can be paid for individually. Of course it is also possible to purchase a balance, which you can then use for ordering credit reports (high discounts).

    Please note: we are not liable for losses arising from a choice based on the credit report information we provide. Likewise, we are unable to provide guarantees with respect to the information contained in the credit report, because this information differs per company and per country.

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    Fernando Bridges

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